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The brand you're shopping with has partnered with Corso Green Shipping Protection™ to offer carbon offsets on the last-mile (warehouse to your doorstep) of your shipment.

For a nominal fee, you can offset 100% of your shipping carbon. Those funds are donated directly to a carefully vetted carbon offset through our partner, Cool Effect.

World Class Carbon Partners

All carbon offset funds will be contributed to a project that has been carefully selected and been ethically proven through our certified partnerships with the world's most trusted organizations.

We are as committed as you and your customers are to improving the environment and well-being of our planet.

Cool Effect, a partner of Corso.
A Look At A Project

Breath of Fresh Air

Here is an overview of one of our partner projects in Honduras:
  • Constructed 210,000 stoves to date, benefitting 874,000 people.
  • Monitors each location with GPS & follow-up visits and stores the information in a Salesforce database.
  • Saves the equivalent of ~5-9 trees per year per stove or 1.6 metric tonnes of firewood per year
  • Reduces carbon monoxide and particulate matter in the home by 79%.

What It Does:

Local Hondurans call the stoves Dos Por Tres, slang for, “In an Instant.” Instantly, these stoves save wood, save time, eliminate toxic smoke from the household, and help the planet by saving miles of forests and reducing carbon emissions by about 3 tonnes per stove per year. To date, the project has avoided the emissions of more than 2 million metric tonnes of CO2 and equivalent gases (mtCO2e).

Cooking in Central America relies on traditional stoves that burn significant amounts of local wood and emit smoke into the home. The stoves are on for eight hours a day and when cooks stand directly over stoves to cook the family tortillas, they breath the smoke that covers the kitchen roofs and walls in soot.

Installed directly in the home, the improved cookstoves are built from locally available cement or adobe bricks. The stove features a thermodynamic rocket elbow design that provides more direct heat to the food with less wood, so food is cooked faster. Families save money by purchasing less wood or save time by gathering less wood, rid the house of smoke, cook faster and, in a Dos por Tres, help save our planet.

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